Welcome to Ivy muonline Season 16 special 2021 edition.

This will be the best muserver we ever created, over 200+ new custom sets, 300+ new weapons, and 20+ new wings that can be obtained, crafter ingame!

Have fun hunting and become the strongest muplayer ingame!


Server stats:

- 99.999x easy leveling system.

- Many and many new unique new items, wings, bosses, and more special features.

- 20.000 wcoins every 1-hour online time.

- So many new explorations and discoveries to make.

- Retweaked ancient options system for all the sets.

- Special PVP system.

- Good antihack fair better PvP and hunting for all players.


Mu online new sets ivy muonline

Just 1 of the sets xD



And another one

mu online season 17

Some anime idea's

different vibe mu online

Bringin in the good muonline stuff



Nice muonline style xD

muonline season 16


Curious? over 200+ new mu online custom sets 


mu online awesome

Keep going with the muonline sets xD


Mu online 2021

Carefully styled muonline sets, join now and discover all other 200+ mu online sets xD.


Happy hunting to all muonline players!

Soo much to explore! Try this unique mu online server and gain and upgrade your muonline experience!

Posted 08 / 06 / 2021 By MuAdmin


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